Bc548 datasheet pdf download

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bc548 datasheet pdf download

  • 12V to 5V converter | Step down DC regulator in many ways to do
  • Simple 5V overvoltage protection
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  • FOD Optocoupler: Application, Circuit, Datasheet
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    12V to 5V converter | Step down DC regulator in many ways to do

    Ratasheet All. Part Number. Number of Pins. Number of Channels. Voltage - Isolation. Rise Time. Max Output Voltage. Output Voltage. Forward Current. View Compare:. TLP F. Material Declaration FOD Trend Analysis. Downloqd this post. What is FOD integrated? The IC is integrated with under-voltage protection to avoid common pulses and retain either of the binary pin states.

    It provides VRMS for safe electric signal transmission and electrical isolation. It is notably often the first type of bipolar transistor hobbyists encounter and is often featured in designs in hobby electronics magazines where a general-purpose transistor is required. The BC is supplied in a standard TO 3-pin package.

    Simple 5V overvoltage protection

    The assignment of transistor elements b,c,e to leads, i. As viewed in the top-right image, going from left to right, the pinout is as follows:. Sometimes the middle pin is supplied bent to form a triangle of leads as found in TO case transistors and, for example, the ZTXL to match the pinout of the BC more exactly. The BC part number is assigned by Pro Electronwhich allows many manufacturers to offer electrically and physically interchangeable parts under one identification.

    Devices registered to this Pro Electron number must have the following minimum performance characteristics: [9]. This group of NPN transistors share many specifications and characteristic curves, but differ in voltage ratings - the BC and BC are essentially the same as the BC but selected with higher breakdown voltageswhile the BC is a low noise version, and the BC is both high-voltage and low-noise.

    See the BC family for a table of these differences, and comparisons with predecessor types.

    Some manufacturers specify their parts with higher ratings, for example the Fairchild datasheet ABC, Rev B for the BC, sourced from Process 10 gave mA as the maximum collector current, while their datasheets dated have dropped the current rating to the standard mA. There is lot of variation in the ft-transition maximum frequency from manufacturer to manufacturer.

    The type number of any of the devices in this "family" odwnload be followed by a letter, "A" to "C", indicating devices that have been selected that fall within a narrow range of gain h FE. So, we can change R1 to be 1K as circuit below. To reduce a bias current Zener diode and the Base of Q1. If you use 2N instead of BC It can use mA load.

    Because 2N has a current collector Ic of about 0.

    But in real using it can use max 0. It has Ic about 2A max in spec. But I can get it about 0.

    Dowmload it is working. It may be warm. So often perform better with a heat sink. I use TIP41 power transistor. Because it can get 4A max bf548 spec. But in real using it can give me about 2A max only. Also, its body is TO so easy to use with any size heatsink. Second, Regulator popular. This is so easy, faster than other. Because its body is the same as TIP41, without Zener diode and a bias resistor.

    Also, it has low ripple output about 10mV, with the electrolytic capacitors C1, C4 on the input and output.

    proximaparada.coonics-FAQ V Stand:

    And both filter capacitor, C2, C3 to reduce the spike voltage. Note : pinout.

    bc548 datasheet pdf download

    Since it is the linear regulator. So while it is working. There is the voltage across input and output of IC1 about 7V. When full load has a current of 1A. So the output power pvf about 7 watts. It is hot.

    FOD Datasheet PDF. Download datasheets and manufacturer documentation for ON Semiconductor FOD The BC is an NPN bipolar junction transistor that can be used in many general purpose applications. Read More > UC PWM Controller: Pinout, Datasheet and . Feb 07,  · N-MOSFET der bei V Ohm hat und A durchschaltet: STKSF (SOT23F 30V) N-MOSFET der bei V Ohm hat und 20A durchschaltet: AON (30V DFNx, 50A bei 10V UGS) N-MOSFET der bei V Ohm hat und 3A durchschaltet: AOA (SOT23 30V) N-MOSFET der bei V Ohm hat und 2A durschschaltet: . The BC is the modern plastic-packaged BC; the BC article at the Radiomuseum website describes the BC as a successor to the BC and differing from the BC in only the shape of the package. Datasheets for the BC give specifications that are identical to, or exceed, those of the BC, BC and BC predecessors.

    We should mount it on enough heatsink. If we connect in parallel. It makes higher current more.

    This is suitable for who carry up or do not have doenload power transistors. I use the power supply with the 12V battery. To reduce the constant voltage of 5 volts. I try to use the load is 4. I measure the current of about 0. As Figure 1. Testing pure IC not over 1A current. I use the TIP41 transistor. In principle, it can supply the current about 2A.

    Which it is enough to use. Then, I test the dtaasheet with about the load, 2. Next, measure current approximately 1. It can be used as we donwload. We insert LED1 to indicated power on of this circuit and a series resistor-R1 is used to limits current to a safe value. C1, C3 is filtered capacitors to smooth dc current input and output sequence.

    FOD Optocoupler: Application, Circuit, Datasheet

    C2, C4 is noise filter spark current. Note: It has cons. If it short circuit. IC may be damaged. If you want the current more than 1A using in better than 2 circuits above.

    It needs helping from a power PNP transistor, with circuit below. The high current will flow through the power transistor Q1, TIP While gets lower current. Because R1 reduces this current down. Although this circuit can be used well. But it still has disadvantages. When a short circuit, the power transistor may be damaged.

    Or If you have another one, TIP Dowbload can add it in parallel. The output current will be up to 5A, too. The digital downloaad can take pictures and videos as well. But it has a disadvantage is not long the battery runs out. When using outdoor. We needed to often recharge the battery. It is quite a waste of time.

    Its side has a slot for plugging DC 5V adapter, 2A current. If we modify 12V lead-acid dagasheet to reduce a voltage down to 5 volts.

    It is so good idea. Because this battery is cheaper and long time using. For example, bc548 10Ah battery you can pdf the camera for 5 hours. We have many ways to do. But I will show you this circuit below. I like a linear circuit than a switching mode circuit. There are many components in the circuit.

    As download this circuit can power up bc5448 3A current with an increasing current of Q3-MJ Also, it has datasheet parts interesting. When the load is overload or short circuit. Then, a voltage is across R2 about 0. So, Q2 gets a bias voltage, it works. I have old GPS, usually, I use it in my car.

    Which circuit diagram can make this. Also, See others in an easier circuit. You just add Fuse-F1 to protect overload more than 2A. Also, if the circuit powers high voltage more than 5. It has too many currents through ZD1 and D1 as overcurrent. So the fuse will burn suddenly.

    Another way, My friend wants a 5V 2A power supply circuit. In model to be bc458, use little equipment, build easy. Why is it? And few parts see in a circuit, is high-quality and low noise. The circuit will work without the extra components, but for reverse polarity protectiona 1N diode is provided at the input, extra smoothing being provided by CuF 50V.

    All full-size images of this post are in this Ebook: Elec Circuit vol.