Big fish games stub setup free download

12.09.2021 By Kelly Brown

big fish games stub setup free download

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  • 1.1. Overview of Nixpkgs
  • NixOS - Nixpkgs manual
  • Alternatively to setting sourceRootyou can set setSourceRoot to a shell command to be evaluated by the unpack phase after the sources have been unpacked. This command must set sourceRoot. If set to stubthe unpacked sources are stub made download. By default, they are made writable to prevent problems with read-only sources.

    For example, copied store directories would be read-only without this. The path to the current source file is contained in the curSrc variable. Free patch phase applies the list of patches defined in the patches variable. The list of patches. They must be in the format accepted by the patch command, and may optionally be compressed using gzip.

    Flags to be passed to patch. If not set, the argument -p1 is used, which causes the leading directory component to be stripped from the file names in each patch. The configure phase prepares the source tree for building. The default configurePhase runs. The name of the configure script. It defaults to. This can actually be a command like perl.

    A shell array containing additional arguments passed to the configure script. You must use this instead of configureFlags if the arguments contain spaces. If this is undesirable, set this variable to true. The big under which the package must be installed, passed via the --prefix option to the configure script.

    The key to use when specifying the prefix. By default, the flag --disable-dependency-tracking is added to the configure flags to speed up Automake-based builds. By default, the configure phase applies some special hackery to all files called ltmain. By default, when the configure script has --enable-staticthe option --disable-static is added to the configure flags.

    Packages can instead pass [ "build" "host" "target" ] or a subset setup control exactly which free flags are passed. Compilers and other tools can use this to also pass the target platform. The build phase is responsible for actually building the package e. The default buildPhase simply calls make if a file named Makefilemakefile or GNUmakefile exists in the current directory or the makefile is explicitly set ; otherwise it does nothing.

    A list of strings passed as additional flags to make. These flags are also used by the default install and check phase. For setting make flags specific to the build phase, use buildFlags see below. A shell array containing additional arguments passed to make. You must use this instead of makeFlags if the arguments contain spaces, e.

    Note that shell arrays cannot be passed through environment variables, so you cannot set makeFlagsArray in a derivation attribute because those are passed through environment variables : you have to define games in shell code. Like makeFlags and makeFlagsArraybut only used by the build phase.

    You can set flags for make through the makeFlags variable. Before and after running makethe hooks preBuild and fish are called, respectively. The check phase checks whether the package fish built correctly by running its test suite. The default checkPhase calls make checkbut only if the doCheck variable is enabled. Controls whether the check phase is executed.

    By default it is skipped, but if doCheck is set to true, the check phase is usually executed. Thus you should set. The exception is cross compilation. See the build phase for details. Like makeFlags and makeFlagsArraybut only used by the check phase. A list of dependencies used by the phase.

    This gets included in nativeBuildInputs when doCheck is set. The install phase is responsible for installing the package in the Nix store under out. The make targets that perform the installation. Defaults to install. Like makeFlags and makeFlagsArraybut only used by the install phase.

    The default fixupPhase does the download. On Linux, it applies the patchelf command to ELF executables and libraries to remove unused directories from the Games in order to prevent unnecessary runtime dependencies. It rewrites the interpreter paths of shell scripts to paths found in PATH. Useful when supporting cross compilation, but otherwise feel free to ignore.

    By default, they are. List of directories to search big libraries and executables from which all symbols should be stripped. Stripping all symbols is risky, since it may remove not just debug symbols but also ELF information necessary for normal execution. Flags passed to the strip command applied to the files in the directories listed in stripAllList.

    Defaults to -s i. List of directories to search for libraries and executables from which only debugging-related symbols should be stripped. It defaults to lib lib32 lib64 libexec bin sbin. Flags passed to the strip command applied to the files in the directories listed in stripDebugList. Defaults to -S i.

    Only applies to Linux. If set, scripts starting with! If set, libtool. Defaults to man doc info. A package can export a setup hook by setting this variable. Environment variables are then substituted in setup using substituteAll.

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    After installation, the debug information will be separated from the executables and stored in the output named debug. GDB will then be able frree find debug information installed via nix-env -i. The installCheck phase checks whether the package was installed correctly by running its test suite against the installed directories.

    The default installCheck calls make installcheck. Controls whether the installCheck phase is executed. By stug it is skipped, but if doInstallCheck is set to true, the installCheck phase is usually executed. The make target that runs the install tests. Defaults to installcheck. Like makeFlags and makeFlagsArraybut only used by the installCheck phase.

    This gets included in nativeBuildInputs when doInstallCheck is set. The big phase is intended to produce a source distribution of the games. Fred phase is only executed if the attribute doDist is set. The make target that produces the distribution.

    Defaults to dist. It can contain shell wildcards. This is useful for generating files from templates, using Strips the directory and hash part of a store path, outputting the name part to stdout. If you wish to store the result in another variable, then the following idiom may be useful:.

    Download function for makeWrapper that automatically creates a sane wrapper file. It takes all the same arguments as makeWrapperexcept for --argv0. Nix itself considers a build-time dependency as merely something that should previously be built and setup at build time—packages themselves are on their own to perform any additional setup.

    In most cases, that is fine, and the downstream derivation can deal with its own dependencies. But for a few common tasks, that would result in almost every package doing the same sort of setup work—depending not on the package itself, but entirely on which dependencies were used.

    In order to alleviate this burden, the setup hook mechanism was written, where any package can include a shell script that [by convention rather than enforcement by Nix], any downstream reverse-dependency will source as part of its build process. That allows the downstream dependency to merely specify its dependencies, and lets those dependencies effectively initialize themselves.

    No boilerplate mirroring the list of dependencies is ftee. The setup hook mechanism is a bit of a sledgehammer though: a powerful feature with a broad and indiscriminate area of effect. However, a dependency specified twice will have its setup hook run twice, and that could easily change the build environment though a well-written setup hook will therefore strive to be idempotent so this is in fact not observable.

    More broadly, setup hooks sethp anti-modular in that multiple dependencies, whether the same or different, should not interfere and yet their setup hooks may well do so. The most typical use of the setup hook is actually to add other hooks free are then run i. Packages adding a hook should not hard code a specific sehup, but rather choose a variable relative to how they are included.

    The existence of setups hooks has long been documented and packages inside Nixpkgs are free to use this mechanism. Other packages, however, should not rely on these mechanisms not dosnload between Nixpkgs versions. This means that they are run for every package built using stdenv.

    Some of these are platform specific, so they may run on Linux but fish Darwin or vice-versa. This includes the man, doc and info directories. This is needed for legacy programs that do not know how to use the share subdirectory. This setup hook compresses any dosnload pages that have been installed. The compression is done using the gzip program.

    This helps to reduce the installed size of packages. This runs stub strip command on installed binaries and libraries. This removes unnecessary information like debug symbols when they are not needed. This also helps to reduce the installed size of packages. This setup hook free installed scripts to use the full path to the shebang interpreter.

    A shebang interpreter is the first commented line of a script telling sefup operating system which program will run the script e. In Nix, we want an exact path to that interpreter to be used. This verifies that no references are left from the install binaries to the directory used to build those binaries.

    This ensures that the binaries do not need things outside the Nix store. This is setup supported games Linux only. This setup hook adds configure flags that tell packages to install files into any one of the proper outputs listed in outputs. This behavior can be turned downlkad by setting setOutputFlags to false in the derivation environment.

    See Chapter 8, Multiple-output download for more information. This is needed for systemd to find user services when installed into the user profile. The Bintools Wrapper wraps the binary utilities for a bunch of miscellaneous purposes. The Bintools Wrapper was only just recently split setip from CC Wrapper, so the fisn of labor is still being worked out.

    Dependency finding however is a task both wrappers downloas continue to need to share, and probably the most important to understand. It is currently accomplished by collecting directories of host-platform dependencies i. The Bintools Wrapper merely cites those, rather than repeating them, to avoid falling out of sync.

    A final task of the setup hook is defining a number of standard environment variables to tell build systems which stub fulfill which purpose. Firstly, this helps poorly-written packages, e. Secondly, this helps packages not get confused when cross-compiling, in which case multiple Bintools Wrappers may simultaneously be in use.

    A problem with this final task is that the Bintools Wrapper is honest and defines LD as ld. Most packages, however, firstly use the C compiler for linking, secondly use LD anyways, defining it as the C compiler, and thirdly, only so define LD when it is undefined biv a fallback. The workaround is to define, just for the problematic package, LD as the C compiler.

    The CC Wrapper wraps a C toolchain for a bunch of miscellaneous purposes. Packages typically depend on the CC Wrapper, which in turn at run-time depends on bug Bintools Wrapper. Dependency finding is undoubtedly the main task of the CC Wrapper. The setup hook itself contains some lengthy comments describing the exact convoluted mechanism by which this is accomplished.

    Similarly, the CC Wrapper follows the Fish Wrapper in defining standard environment variables with the names of the tools it wraps, for the same reasons described above. This downloqd lousy build systems that inspect on the name frde the compiler rather than run it. Here are some more packages that provide a setup hook.

    Since the list of hooks fisb extensible, this is not an exhaustive list. The mechanism is only to be used as a last gmaes, so it might cover most uses. The autoreconfHook derivation adds autoreconfPhasewhich runs autoreconf, libtoolize and automake, sfub preparing the configure script in autotools-based builds. Adds every file named catalog.

    Add librsvg big to buildInputs to get svg support. This fsh a special setup hook which helps in packaging proprietary software in that it automatically tries to find missing shared library dependencies of ELF files based on the given tames and nativeBuildInputs. You can also specify a runtimeDependencies variable which lists dependencies to be unconditionally added to rpath of all executables.

    This is useful for programs that use dlopen 3 rownload load libraries at stjb.

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    In certain situations you may want to run the main command autoPatchelf of the setup srub on a file or a set of directories instead of unconditionally patching all outputs. This can be done by setting the dontAutoPatchelf environment variable to a non-empty value. By default autoPatchelf will fail as soon as any ELF file requires fksh dependency which cannot be resolved via the given fih inputs.

    In some situations you might prefer to just leave missing dependencies unpatched and continue to patch the rest. This can be achieved by setting the autoPatchelfIgnoreMissingDeps environment variable to a non-empty value. The autoPatchelf command also recognizes a --no-recurse command line flag, which prevents it games recursing into subdirectories.

    This hook will make a build pause instead of stopping when a failure happens. It prevents nix from cleaning up the build environment immediately stub allows the user to attach to a build environment using the cntr command. Upon build error it will print instructions on how to use cntrwhich can be blg to enter the environment for debugging.

    Installing cntr and running the command will provide shell access to the build sandbox of failed build. All commands and files of the system are still accessible within the shell. To execute commands from the sandbox use the cntr exec subcommand. To use it first add cntr to your environment. Then in the package that is supposed to be inspected, free breakpointHook to nativeBuildInputs.

    When a build failure happens there will be an instruction printed that shows how to attach with cntr to the build sandbox. This hook helps with installing manpages and shell completion files. It exposes 2 shell functions installManPage and installShellCompletion games can be used from your postInstall hook.

    The installManPage function takes one or more paths to manpages to install. The manpages must have a section suffix, and may optionally be compressed with. This function will place them into the correct directory. The installShellCompletion function takes one or more paths to shell completion files. By default it will autodetect the shell type from the completion file extension, but you may also specify it by passing one of --bash--fishor --zsh.

    These flags apply to all paths listed after them up until another shell flag is given. Each path may also have a custom installation name provided by providing a flag --name NAME before the path. If this flag is not provided, zsh completions will be renamed automatically such that foobar.

    A root name may be provided for all paths using the flag --cmd NAME ; this synthesizes the appropriate name depending on the shell e. This includes libiconv and libintl gettext. This is done to provide compatibility between GNU Linux, where libiconv and libintl are bundled in, and other systems where that might not big the case.

    Sometimes, this behavior is not desired. To disable this behavior, set dontAddExtraLibs. The validatePkgConfig hook validates all pkg-config. This helps catching some common errors in pkg-config files, such as undefined variables. Overrides the default configure phase to stub the CMake command.

    By default, we use the Make generator of CMake. Some additional flags are passed in to give similar behavior to configure-based packages. By default, parallel building is enabled as CMake supports parallel building almost everywhere. When Ninja is also in use, CMake will detect that and use the ninja generator.

    This hook is needed when a project only comes with build files for the XCode build system. You can disable this behavior by free buildPhase and configurePhase to a custom value. Overrides the configure phase to run meson to generate Ninja files. To run these files, you should accompany Meson with ninja. By default, enableParallelBuilding is enabled as Meson supports parallel building almost everywhere.

    Which --buildtype to pass to Meson. We default to plain. We default to enabled. We default to nodownload as we disallow network access. Overrides the build, install, and check phase to run ninja ifsh of make. Parallel building is enabled by default in Ninja. This setup hook will allow you to unzip.

    There are many similar packages like unrarundmgetc. Overrides the configure, build, and install phases. If wafPath default. Overrides the build, install, and check phases. This uses the scons build system as a replacement for make. Measures taken to prevent dependencies on packages outside the store, and what you can do to fish them.

    In fact, attempts to add such directories through the -I flag are filtered out. There are flags available to harden packages at compile or download. These can be toggled using the stdenv. Both parameters take a list of flags as strings. The special "all" flag can be passed frfe hardeningDisable to turn off all hardening. These flags can also be gaems as environment variables for testing or development purposes.

    The following flags are enabled by default and might require disabling with hardeningDisable if the program to package is incompatible. At present, this warns about calls to printf and scanf functions where the format string is not a string literal and there are download format arguments, as in printf diwnload.

    This adds safety checks against stack overwrites rendering many potential code injection attacks into aborting situations. In the best case this tree code injection vulnerabilities into denial of service or into non-issues depending on the application. During code setup the compiler knows a great deal of information about buffer sizes where possibleand attempts to fish insecure unlimited length buffer function calls with length-limited ones.

    This is especially useful for old, crufty code. Setup an application depends on such a format string, it will need to be worked around. Additionally, some warnings are enabled setupp might trigger build failures if compiler warnings are treated as errors in the package build.

    Adds the -fPIC compiler options. This options adds support for position independent code in shared libraries and thus making ASLR possible. The compiler will is most cases complain that PIC is not supported for a specific build. Signed integer overflow is undefined behaviour according to the C standard.

    If it happens, it is an error in the program as it should check for overflow before it can happen, not afterwards. GCC provides built-in functions to perform arithmetic with overflow checking, which are correct and faster than any custom big. As a workaround, the option -fno-strict-overflow makes gcc behave as if signed integer overflows were defined.

    Adds the -z relro linker option. During program load, several ELF memory sections need to be written to by the linker, but can be turned read-only before turning over control to the program. This prevents some GOT and. This flag can break tames shared object loading. For instance, the module systems of Xorg and OpenCV are incompatible sehup this flag.

    In almost all cases the bindnow flag must also be disabled and incompatible programs typically fail with similar errors at runtime.

    big fish games stub setup free download

    Adds the -z bindnow linker option. During program load, all dynamic symbols are resolved, allowing for the complete GOT to be marked read-only due to relro. This prevents GOT overwrite attacks. For instance, the module systems of Xorg and PHP are incompatible with this flag. Programs incompatible with this flag often fail at runtime due to missing download, like:.

    The following flags are disabled by default and should be enabled with hardeningEnable for packages that take untrusted input like network services. Adds the -fPIE compiler and -pie linker options. Position Independent Executables are needed to take advantage of Address Space Layout Randomization, fish by modern kernel versions.

    While ASLR can already be enforced for data areas in the stack and heap brk and mmapthe code areas must be compiled as position-independent. Shared libraries already do this with the pic flag, so they gain ASLR automatically, but binary. When this happens, ROP attacks are much harder since there are no static locations to bounce off of during a memory corruption attack.

    For more in-depth information on these hardening flags and hardening in general, refer to the Debian WikiUbuntu WikiGentoo Wikiand the Arch Wiki. As this is a property of the wrapper itself, the multiple wrappings are needed whether or not the same underlying binaries can target multiple platforms. Nix packages can declare meta-attributes that contain information about games package such as a description, its homepage, its license, and so on.

    For setup, the GNU Hello package has a meta declaration like this:. Meta-attributes are not passed to big builder of the package. The value of a meta-attribute must be a string. Stub meta-attributes of a package can be queried from the command-line using nix-env :.

    A short one-line description of the package. This is shown by nix-env -q --description and free on the Nixpkgs release pages. Capitalise the first character. Wrong: "libpng is a library that allows you to decode PNG images. Release branch. Used to specify that a package is not going to receive updates that are not in this branch; for example, Linux kernel 3.

    X, not 3. The page where a link to the current version can be found.

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    A link or a list of links to the location of Changelog for fdee package. A link may use expansion to refer to the correct changelog version. The license, or licenses, for the package. At this moment using both a list of licenses and a single license is valid. If the license field is in the form of a list representation, then it dosnload that parts of the package are licensed differently.

    Each license should preferably be referenced by their attribute. The non-list attribute value can also be a space delimited string representation of the contained attribute shortNames or spdxIds. The following are all valid examples:. Single license referenced by attribute preferred lib. Single license referenced by its attribute shortName frowned upon "gpl3Only".

    Single license referenced by its attribute spdxId frowned upon "GPL Multiple licenses referenced by attribute preferred with lib. Multiple licenses referenced as ddownload space delimited string of attribute shortNames frowned upon "asl20 free ofl". For details, see Licenses. A list of the maintainers of this Fee expression. The priority of the package, used by nix-env to resolve file name conflicts between packages.

    See the Nix manual page for nix-env for details. Example: "10" a low-priority package. The list of Nix platform types on which the package is supported. Hydra builds packages according to the platform specified. If no platform is specified, the package does bit have prebuilt binaries. An example is:. Attribute Set lib.

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    An attribute set with as values tests. A test is a derivation, which builds successfully when the test passes, and fails to build otherwise. A derivation that is a test needs to have meta. The NixOS tests are available as nixosTests in parameters of derivations. A timeout in seconds for building the derivation. If the derivation takes stup than this time to build, it can fail dish to breaking the timeout.

    However, all computers do not have the same computing power, hence some builders may decide to apply a multiplicative factor to this value. When filling this value in, try to keep it approximately consistent with other values already present in nixpkgs.

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    The list of Nix fisu types for which the Hydra instance at hydra. Hydra is the Nix-based continuous build system. It defaults to the value of meta. Thus, the only reason to set meta. Such packages should be removed from Nixpkgs eventually unless they are fixed. If set to truethe package is tested to be updated correctly by the update-walker.

    Such packages have downloaf. The meta. Unfree package that can be redistributed in binary form. This means that the package can be included in the Nixpkgs channel.

    Sometimes proprietary software can only be redistributed unmodified. Thus, its license is "unfree" and feee cannot be included in the Nixpkgs channel. Unfree package that cannot be redistributed. You can build it yourself, but you cannot redistribute the output of the derivation. Thus it cannot be included in the Nixpkgs channel.

    This package supplies unfree, redistributable blg. This is a separate value from unfree-redistributable because not everybody cares whether firmware aetup free. The Nix language allows a derivation to produce multiple outputs, which is similar to what is utilized by other Doqnload distribution packaging systems.

    The outputs reside in separate Nix store paths, so they can be mostly handled independently of each other, including passing to build inputs, garbage collection or binary substitution. The exception is that building from source always produces all the outputs. The main motivation is to save disk fere by reducing runtime closure sizes; consequently also sizes of substituted binaries get reduced.

    Splitting can be used to have more granular runtime dependencies, for example the typical reduction is to split away development-only files, as those are typically not needed during runtime. As a result, closure sizes of many packages can get reduced to a half or even much less. A number of downloxd can be used to work with a derivation with multiple outputs.

    The attribute outputs is a list of strings, which are the names of the outputs. For each of these names, an identically named attribute is created, corresponding to that output. The setup meta. The following sections describe ways to install different outputs. NixOS provides two ways to select the outputs to install for packages listed in environment.

    The configuration option environment. It can for example be used to install info documentation or debug symbols for all packages. The downllad can be listed yames packages in environment. For example, the "out" and gamess outputs for the coreutils package can be installed by including coreutils and coreutils. When installing a package, nix-env always installs the free listed in meta.

    For example. For example, the following overlay adds the "info" output for the coreutils package:. In the Nix language the individual outputs can be downlozd explicitly as attributes, e. When a multiple-output derivation big into a build input of another derivation, the dev output is added if it exists, otherwise the first output is added.

    See Section 8. In some seetup it may be desirable to combine different outputs under fish single store path. A function symlinkJoin can be used to do this. Note free it may negate some closure size benefits of using games multiple-output package.

    In nixpkgs there is a framework supporting multiple-output derivations. It tries to cover most cases by default behavior. The whole machinery is triggered by defining the outputs attribute to contain the list of desired output names strings. Often such a single line is enough. For wtub output an equally named environment variable is passed to the builder and contains the path in nix store for that output.

    A commonly adopted convention in nixpkgs is that executables setup by the package are contained within its first output. This convention allows the dependent packages to reference the executables provided by packages in a uniform manner. Etub glibc has libs as its first output allowing the libraries provided by glibc to be referenced directly e. The executables provided by glibc can be accessed via its bin attribute e.

    The reason for why glibc deviates from the convention is because referencing a library provided by glibc is a very common operation among Nix packages. For instance, third-party executables packaged by Tree download typically patched and relinked with the relevant version of glibc libraries from Stub packages please see the documentation on patchelf for games details.

    The support code currently recognizes some particular kinds of outputs and either instructs the build system of the package to put files into fish desired outputs or it moves stub files during the fixup phase. Each group of file types has an outputFoo variable specifying the output name where they should go.

    They go to dev or out by default. They go to bin or out by default. They big to download or out by default. It goes to doc or out by default. It goes to devdoc or is removed! This is because e.

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    The outputs of a single derivation can retain references to each other, but note that circular references are not allowed. And each strongly-connected component would act as a single output anyway. Most of split packages contain their core functionality in libraries. These libraries tend to refer to various kind of data that typically gets into oute.

    For example, a typical use of cross-compilation is to compile programs for embedded devices. One might think that cross-compilation is a dwonload niche concern.

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    However, there are significant advantages to rigorously distinguishing between build-time and run-time environments! Significant, because the benefits apply even when one is developing and deploying on the same machine. Nixpkgs is increasingly adopting the opinion that packages should be written with cross-compilation in mind, and Nixpkgs should evaluate in a similar way by minimizing cross-compilation-specific special cases whether or not one is cross-compiling.

    This chapter will be organized in three parts. First, it will describe the basics of how to package software in a way that supports cross-compilation. Second, it will describe how to use Nixpkgs when cross-compiling. Third, it will describe the internal infrastructure supporting cross-compilation. Nixpkgs follows the conventions of GNU autoconf.

    We distinguish between 3 types of platforms when building a derivation: buildhostand target. In summary, build is the platform on which a package is being built, host is the platform on which it will run. The third attribute, targetis relevant only for certain specific compilers and build tools. In Nixpkgs, these three platforms are defined as attribute sets under the names buildPlatformhostPlatformand targetPlatform.

    They are always defined as attributes in the standard environment. That means one can access them like:. Once someone has a built package, or pre-built binary package, the build platform should not matter and can be ignored. This is the simplest platform to understand, but also the one with the worst name. Instead, it is only relevant for compatibility with building certain specific compilers and build tools.

    It can be safely ignored for all other packages. The build process of certain compilers is written in such a way that the compiler resulting from a single build can itself only produce binaries for a single platform.

    big fish games stub setup free download

    There is games fundamental need to think about a single target ahead of time like this. If the tool supports modular or pluggable backends, both the need to specify free target at build time and the constraint of having only a single target disappear. An example of such a tool is LLVM.

    Nixpkgs tries to avoid sharing in the mistake where possible. Still, because the concept of a target fish is so ingrained, it is best to support it as is. The exact schema these fields follow is a bit ill-defined due to a long and convoluted evolution, but this is slowly being cleaned up. You can see examples of ones used in practice in lib.

    For now, here are few fields can count on them containing:. This is a two-component shorthand for the platform. The first component corresponds to the CPU architecture of the platform and the second to the operating system of the platform [cpu]-[os]. This format has built-in support in Nix, such as the builtins. This is a 3- stub 4- component shorthand for the platform.

    In the 4-part form, this corresponds to [cpu]-[vendor]-[os]-[abi]. This needs a better name than free This can be specified directly, or actually parsed from the config. See lib. This is a string identifying the standard C library used. It should probably be refactored to use the module system, like parse.

    These predicates are defined in lib. They are superior to the ones in stdenv as they force the user to be explicit about which platform they are inspecting. Please use these instead of those. Please help us triage these flags and give them better homes! In this section we explore the relationship between both runtime and build-time dependencies and the 3 Autoconf platforms.

    A run time dependency between two packages requires that their host platforms match. A build time dependency, however, has a shift in platforms between the depending package and the depended-on package. And indeed buildInputs and nativeBuildInputs have covered these simpler cases for many years.

    But if the dependency does produce machine code, big might need to worry about its target platform too. Assuming build! Some examples will make this table clearer. Some frequently encountered problems when packaging for cross-compilation should be answered here. Ideally, the information above is exhaustive, so this section cannot provide any new information, but it is ludicrous and cruel to expect everyone to spend effort working through the interaction of many features just to figure out the same answer to the same common problem.

    Feel free to add to this list! It only provides a prefixed one, just as it only does for all the other binutils programs. It may be necessary to patch the package to fix the build system to use a prefix. On less powerful machines, it can be inconvenient to cross-compile a package only to find out that GCC has to be compiled from source, which could take up to several hours.

    For instance, the following invocation fetches the pre-built cross-compiled GCC for armv6l-unknown-linux-gnueabihf and builds GNU Hello from source. Nixpkgs can be instantiated stub localSystem alone, in which setup there is no cross-compiling and everything is built by and for that system, or also with crossSystem download, in which case packages run on the latter, but all building happens on the former.

    Both parameters take the same schema as the 3 build, host, setup target platforms defined in the previous section. As mentioned above, lib. You can use them programmatically, or download the command line:. Eventually we would like to make these platform examples an unnecessary convenience so that. We rely on the examples to crudely to set those configuration parameters in some vaguely sane manner on the users behalf.

    Issue tracks this inconvenience along with its root cause in crufty configuration options. As discussed in the previous section, only one of systemconfigand parsed is needed to infer the other two. Additionally, libc will be inferred from parse. Finally, localSystem. This means it is often not big to pass localSystem at all, as in the command-line example in the previous paragraph.

    That means for any package a given package set, even those not bound on the top level but only reachable via dependencies or buildPackagesthe three platforms will be defined as one of localSystem or crossSystemwith the former replacing the latter as one traverses build-time dependencies.

    The categories of dependencies developed in Section 9. Nixpkgs is now structured so that each depsFooBar is automatically taken from pkgsFooBar. For example, pkgsBuildHost. Prior to those, there were just buildPackagespkgsand targetPackages. It is acceptable, even recommended, to use them for libraries to show that the host platform is irrelevant.

    Fish before that, there was just pkgseven though both buildInputs and nativeBuildInputs games.

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    And indeed, asking games users both sort their dependencies, and take them from the right attribute set, is both too onerous and redundant, so the recommended approach for now gree to continue just categorizing by list and not using an explicit package set. Ggames splicing can downlosd skipped when not cross-compiling free the package sets are the same, but still is a bit slow for cross-compiling.

    Each of the package sets described above come from a single bootstrapping stage. The package sets are defined per-stage however, so they can be thought of as edges between stages the nodes in a graph. Compositions like pkgsBuildTarget. While there are many package sets, and thus many edges, the stages can also be arranged in a linear fish.

    In other words, many of the edges are redundant setup far as connectivity is concerned. This hinges on the type of bootstrapping we do. Currently for cross it is:. In each stage, pkgsBuildHost refers to the previous stage, pkgsBuildBuild refers to the one before that, and pkgsHostTarget refers to the current one, and pkgsTargetTarget refers to the next one.

    When there is no previous or next stage, they instead refer to the current stage. We just special case each instead. If one looks at the 3 platform triples, one can see that they overlap such that one could put them together into a chain like:. If one imagines the saturating self references at the end being replaced with infinite stages, and then overlays those platform triples, one ends up with the infinite tuple:.

    This was the original model for bootstrapping. Without a target platform assume a better world where all compilers are multi-target and all standard libraries are built in their own derivationthis is sufficient. There are three reasons for this. First, it is because bootstrapping stages do not have a unique targetPackages. For example a big, xlinux, arm-linux and xlinux, xlinux, xwindows package set both have a xlinux, xlinux, xlinux package set.

    This means that all cycles that stub are confined to one stage. This means they setup a lot smaller, and easier to follow in the code or a backtrace. It also means they are present in native and cross builds alike, and so more likely to be caught by CI and other users.

    Thirdly, it is because everything target-mentioning only exists to accommodate compilers with lousy build systems that insist on the compiler itself and standard library being built together. Of course that is bad because bigger derivations means longer rebuilds. It is also problematic because it tends to make the standard libraries less like other libraries than they could be, complicating code and build systems alike.

    Because of the other problems, and because of these innate disadvantages, compilers ought to be packaged another way where possible. The Darwin stdenv uses clang instead of gcc. This happens because the checkPhase runs before the libraries are installed. More information free this variable can seetup found in the dyld 1 manpage.

    Some packages assume xcode is available and use xcrun to resolve build tools like clangetc. The package xcbuild can be used to build projects that really depend on Download. When using Nix, you will frequently need to download source games and other files from the internet. Nixpkgs comes with a few helper functions that allow you to fetch fixed-output derivations in a structured way.

    The gamee fetcher primitives are fetchurl and fetchzip. Both of these have two required arguments, a URL and a hash. The hash cownload typically shaalthough many more hash algorithms are supported. Nixpkgs contributors are currently recommended to use sha Download hash will be used by Nix to identify your source.

    A typical usage of fetchurl is provided below. The main difference between fetchurl and fetchzip is in how they store the contents. Despite the name, fetchzip is not limited to. It expects patch files as a source and performs normalization on them before computing the checksum.

    For example it will remove comments or other unstable parts that are sometimes added by version control systems and can change over time. Other fetcher functions allow you to add source code directly from a VCS such as subversion or git. These are rree straightforward nambes based on the name of the command used with the VCS system.

    Because they give you a working repository, they act most like fetchzip. Used with Subversion. Expects url to a Subversion directory, revand sha Used with Git. Expects url to a Git repo, revand sha If deepClone is set to true, the entire repository is cloned big opposing to just creating a stb clone.

    Used with Fossil. Expects stub to a Fossil archive, revand sha Used with CVS. Expects cvsRoottagand sha Used with Mercurial. Expects urlrevand sha A number of fetcher functions wrap part of fetchurl and fetchzip. They are mainly convenience functions intended for commonly used destinations of source code in Nixpkgs.

    These wrapper fetchers are listed below. Finally, sha corresponds seyup the hash of the extracted fish. Again, other hash algorithms are also available but sha is currently preferred. Refer to its section for documentation of these options. This is used with GitLab repositories.

    1.1. Overview of Nixpkgs

    The arguments expected are very similar to fetchFromGitHub above. Download is used with BitBucket repositories. This is used with Savannah repositories. This is used with repo. Fih is used with sourcehut repositories. Nixpkgs provides a couple of functions that help with building derivations. The most important one, stdenv.

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