Microsoft ace oledb 12.0 driver free download

03.10.2021 By Carmen Deyalsingh

microsoft ace oledb 12.0 driver free download

Find centralized, trusted content and collaborate around the technologies you use most. Connect and share knowledge within a net framework 4.5 64 bit download location that is structured and easy to search. A bit version of the 'Microsoft Access Database Engine Redistributable' that will allow you to use the 'Microsoft. If you use the download from the accepted answer, you will need to build for x86, as pointed out by backtestbroker. If you have built your project under x86 platformthen in order to resolve you issue you should install the following packages on your machine:. Rfee order to use the 'Microsoft.
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  • I actually got aroundrows from the dirver due to truncation issue in Excel Excel supports 64, drived. So I modified the config file to support Excel format. Uninstall 64 bit version if previously installed. There is no bit version for SSDT. When you try to choose the table in the Excel file, the connection manager needs to access the bit version of the ACE OLE DB provider, but this provider is not registered on your machine, only the bit version is installed.

    When you try to install it, you might driver an error message. Once you finish uninstalling the bit version and installing the bit version of the provider, the problem is solved, and you can finally choose the table within the Excel file. There downpoad a alter way.

    Open the excel file in Microsoft office Excel, and save it as "Excel Workbook". Then, use the new free excel file in your file connection. Another option is to run the package in 32 bit mode. I installed the "Microsoft Access Database Engine Redistributable" as mentioned above and got side-tracked troubleshooting bitness issues when it seemed to be a version issue.

    The easiest fix for me was to change SQL Agent job to run in bit fgee. You have probably installed the 32bit drivers will the job is running in microsoft. The easiest solution I found was to specify excel version on the connection manager setup. I was getting this same error after previously being able to complete similar operations.

    Oledb didn't try downloading any of the mentioned packages since I didn't have download previously and things were working. Took a olsdb minutes to complete but fixed everything. I had this issue and it took me a lot of time to figure this out.

    So, oledbb is the screenshot for where you can find the microsooft. Stack Overflow for Teams — Collaborate and share knowledge ace a private group. Create a free Team What is Teams?

    microsoft ace oledb 12.0 driver free download

    Collectives on Stack Overflow. Learn more. Asked 7 years, 4 months ago. Active microssoft months ago. Viewed k times. Kiquenet Useful: help. How your job use or call SSIS package? Very helpful: madeiradata. Add a comment.

    Active Oldest Votes. AlejandroR AlejandroR 4, 4 4 gold badges 32 32 silver badges 44 44 bronze badges. SSDT regonized the excel table after the install More than four years after this answer was given, it is still correct. I did, wrongly, install the 64 bit driver first. Then uninstalled the 64 bit, and installed the 32 bit sownload.

    Wednesday, March 14, AM. Hi, I installed the program but my problem not solved. Help me pls? Tuesday, March 20, PM. Mills 0. This is a very perplexing work around. But it works!

    .net - '' provider is not registered on the local machine - Stack Overflow

    Wednesday, March 21, PM. Second link work's like magic! Saturday, March 31, PM. Second link fixed this for rownload friend. Thursday, April 5, PM. Worked, thank you! Monday, April 9, PM. Thanks Goody-Christ. Tuesday, April 10, AM. Thursday, April 19, PM. Thank you very much Second link has absolutely worked for me Thanks again Monday, April 23, AM.

    Thanks MaxJordan91, Second point also wored for me. It save me. Here is the sequence of operation i performed. IIS Pool configured to the 32 bit. Thursday, May 10, PM. Hope this will works. Regards Manju K Gowda. Monday, May 14, PM. Thursday, May 17, PM. Saturday, May 19, PM.

    Thanks- you're a life saver!

    Edited by tbiggins Monday, June 4, PM. Monday, June 4, PM. Win 7 X64 and Office Thank You. Tuesday, June 5, PM. Monday, June 11, PM. Tuesday, June 12, PM. My dev platform is Windows 7 bits with Office bitsI noticed that this error happens when the platform target is set to 'Any CPU'.

    I suspect that a bits application cannot work with micrisoft bits Jet ACE driver. Sunday, June 24, PM. Saturday, July 28, AM. I am drived to run my application. Friday, August 3, AM. Friday, August 24, PM. Tuesday, August 28, PM. Unbelievable : The first link didn't work. The second did.

    Edited by tsemer Thursday, August 30, PM. Thursday, August 30, PM. Edited by antonacheradu Sunday, September 9, AM. Sunday, September 9, AM. Friday, September 21, PM. Thursday, September 27, PM. Friday, September 28, PM. Hope we won't have an issue like this after the newer version of Office rownload released.

    Thanks a lot, Nachi. Wednesday, October 3, PM. Its work for me!!!!! Windows 7 Ultimate x64, Office x64 Thanks a lot man!!!!!!!!! Friday, October 5, AM. Tuesday, October 16, AM. Second link worked fine for me ac well.

    Win 7 x64 and Office x64 Thanks a lot! Friday, October 26, AM. The second link worked for me too smoothly Win 7 x64 and Office x Friday, October 26, PM. Wednesday, October 31, AM. Worked like a charm! Thank you for the help. Friday, November 2, PM. The second link worked for me. Tuesday, November 6, PM. Same here. The second link worked and got my customer up and running and happy with me again.

    Thursday, November 8, PM. Your the man, Max! Thanks for your post. Tuesday, November 13, AM. The second link worked for me! Thursday, November 15, AM. Sunday, November 18, AM. Monday, November 19, AM. Thanks for sharingthe second link works! Monday, November 26, PM. Mivrosoft one works!!

    Thursday, November 29, AM. Second method worked for me Thanks so much! Sunday, December 2, AM. Wednesday, December 5, PM. Awesome, thanks so much!! Thursday, December 6, PM. Wednesday, December 12, AM. Thursday, December 13, PM. Saturday, December 15, AM. Thanks second link fixed error with sql Sunday, December 23, PM.

    Glenn Glenn T. Kitchen VB. NET Forums. Wednesday, December 26, PM. Thanks for the solution. I had to uninstall office oledg and Installed office professional plus X64 Finally it worked. Friday, December 28, AM. It worked for me. Have to install the access database engine for Office to make it connect. The error it gave me was "Microsoft.

    Saturday, January 5, PM. It's work, thx so much. Wednesday, January 9, AM. Vownload, thanks for your assistant, I install it ,and it is OK. Friday, January 18, AM. Kudos to you MaxJordan91! Thank you for sharing! Tuesday, January 29, PM. Wednesday, February 13, PM. Thanks Second link work for me. Friday, February 15, AM.

    Same situation here.

    How can I see which 'proximaparada.co0' provider is registered on my local machine?

    I used the second method and it's work! Thanks for the solutions! Thursday, February 21, AM. Monday, February 25, PM. Thanks for sharing this solution with the rest of us. Tuesday, February 26, PM. Now I dont have to go to the campus to run my program. I wonder how can Microsoft overlook such a simple thing such as making their program backwards compatible Monday, March 4, PM.

    I used the x86 first link. Thinking about it, is logic. I am running an asp. So, I need a x86 version of Acces Database engine.

    Fixed - The '' Provider Is Not Registered On The Local Machine - Codingvila

    Wednesday, March 6, PM. Many thanks. Monday, March 11, PM. Tuesday, March 12, PM. Manju: Great posting. Could not get it to work even after downloading the patches, but your fix did the trick. Thursday, March 14, PM. NET 3.

    The '' provider is not registered on the local machine. On a Bit SharePoint system you will normally get the "The '' provider is not registered on the local machine." message if you try to connect to Office data like Excel or Access or SQL Server via's because no Bit MDAC driver is installed by default. Feb 20,  · From above information, using office or office , our connection information is >>And what is the news version out there today? I can search information about '' provider like '' provider is not registered on the local machine. As far as I . Aug 31,  · To this end, the driver you are missing, is actually the Microsoft Access Database Engine Redistributable. and you can download it from here. Now, when you visit the above download link and right after you click on the “Download.

    Wednesday, March 20, AM. Thursday, March 21, AM. Thanks the second URL worked for me. Installing Fref Office - it seems to me - caused the problem. Tuesday, March 26, PM. Thursday, April 18, PM. Thank you it worked for me. Friday, April 19, AM. Soumya 0. Thanksssssssssssssss a lot. Tuesday, April 23, PM. Thanks Manju K.

    Your above method works fine on VS with Office Once again Thank You very much. I have just resolved this problem on my machine using your method, thank you so much. Friday, April 26, Microsft. Monday, April 29, PM. I was about to break my laptop!

    ssis - is not registered - Stack Overflow

    Friday, May 3, AM. Wednesday, May 8, AM. This link helped. Wednesday, May 8, PM. Criver, May 12, AM. Microeoft cannot install both Office versions to the same machine: Above message box reads basically : "You can not install a 32 Bit version of Microsoft Access Database Engine because a 64 Bit version of Office products is already installed.

    Wednesday, May 22, AM. Wednesday, June 19, PM. Not sure how this will affect my users, though, so rather concerned. Thursday, June 20, PM. Thanks a bunch, buddy.

    I would have never thought of this solution. It really save a hell of my time Thanks mate. Tuesday, June 25, AM. I have 64 bit windows but my office is a 32 bit version. Saturday, July 6, AM. Tuesday, July 16, PM. Yeah, but that wouldn't work acd a development environment using WebDev server.


    Thursday, July 18, AM. Have a nice day! Tuesday, July 23, AM. I don't know how many times i've had to return to this post when I rebuild my machines. Thursday, July 25, PM. I have win ooedb 64 bit and office also Tuesday, July 30, PM. Thursday, August 8, AM. Thursday, August 8, PM. Friday, August 9, AM.

    Thanks Jordan.